Hi! I am Michelle Catherine and welcome to Kazuri Photography.
I am a location portrait photographer, which basically means that I do not work from an indoor studio. Varied outdoor settings will provide the stunning backdrop to your images, while the golden hour bathes you in a soft dewy glow. You may also choose to have images of your family taken in a sentimental favourite location or the familiar comfort of your home.
Family portrature is an investment that needs to transcend fickle trends in hair and fashion. I will be able to give you some direction in simple color palettes that will have your family looking like a cohesive unit of unique individuals, without you matching in a way that leads to someone sneaking a photo of you onto the Awkward Family Photos website.
I have had a lifetime of firsthand knowledge of the nightmare Family Photos can be . Growing up overseas, we had family portraits taken in Australia every 4 years just before returning to Kenya where my parents worked. These photos would be staring out from the fridges of all our friends and family for four years. That is a lot of pressure, my friend!
Our entire family would get in a spin over these portraits. I would get a new outfit and spend far too much time fretting in front of the mirror, fiddling with my hair.When I became a teenager, I twice experienced what I call 'the last minute panic debacle'.
In the first instance, I realized I was born to be a Nordic blonde, and I could see in my head how alluring I would look in the photos. So once my mother was safely out of the house I put a vial of stashed dye through my brunette locks and in an instant became a forlorn coppery-orange mess that glowered on friend's fridges around the country for four years until my parents created the next fridge magnet.
The second time, I realized that I could make my forehead appear higher by shaving the first few layers of my fringe off. Much better in theory than in practise. So for that photoshoot and for the next four years, I basically sported something no teenage girl should ever endure: 5 o'clock shadow on my forehead.
Enough about my disasters.....
Suffice to say, in our initial meeting to plan your photoshoot with me, we will pre-empt any issues that could lead to your own last minute panic debacle.